Work Platforms

Ally Structures manufacture design and install bespoke work platforms for a number of applications and industries, i.e. food, aviation, commercial, rail, transport, water, to name a few.


Design and manufacture of all work platforms are manufactured in our factory in the UK. Typically we manufacture in aluminium however, we do produce access platforms in steel and Glass reinforced plastic (GRP).


Generally there is no restriction in size or shape of work platforms they can be mobile, fixed or even suspended from roof steel work or purpose made support brackets.


All access and work platforms are designed to the current regulations such as ENHD1004, TG20, SG415, BS 5395 and BS 1090 where the units are for permanent solutions. Our experienced management team and manufacturing staff are highly trained. Our welding operators are qualified and coded.


Our aluminium work platforms are light but strong and can be designed to take most workloads ranging from 0.75 up to 5kn/m.

Our experience and knowledge of aluminium work platforms has developed over many years resulting in a vast quantity of bespoke access platforms sold to many satisfied customers in many industries.


Bespoke work platforms can be used in permanent and temporary situations, incorporating stairways, inclined or vertical access ladders. Flooring can be GRP, non-slip marine ply, aluminium chequer plate or steel mesh.


With modern architect experimenting with unusual building shapes it has been essential that access solutions have developed to be flexible and innovative. Ally Structures pride it on the innovative solutions it has provided. A number of bespoke work platforms have been designed, manufactured and installed to the profile of new build projects. All the solutions have been unique to the building structure and design manufactured and where necessary installed by Ally Structures.

Case Studies

Looking for an innovative solution for your difficult access problem?