Gantries & Walkways

Falls from height are the biggest cause of accidents in the UK. Health and safety regulations give a duty to all parties to ensure installers and operators are always protected in line of her duties. Our bespoke mobile gantries limit the risk of injury to contractors and operators. Our systems protect the operator from injury when performing roof maintenance or cleaning operations.


Gantries can be manufactured to specific shapes and sizes in order to accommodate variable roof sizes and pitches. Systems can be supplied complete or flat packed, this allows for difficult sites where access is limited. Our unique track and trolley system allows inverted V and man safe gantries to roll easily and safely.


Principally manufactured in Aluminium, gantries can be supplied with bespoke walkways.


We have supplied mobile platforms to the rail industry for the cleaning and maintenance of roof glazing, The mobile platforms can accommodate a safe work area for operatives and the ability to move and load materials such as new glass for key maintenance tasks.

Gantries and walkways are designed and calculated for the required live and dead load taking into accounts the environmental factors such as seasonal wind and snow loadings.


Often the aesthetics are an important factor and our design team will work with the client and local authorities to ensure compliant products, being walkways or gantries, are produced.


Platforms and walkways can be static, mobile or suspended. We manufacture under BS EN 1090 for permanent solutions which allows all products to be CE marked to demonstrate high quality standards and product longevity. Ally Structures also provide mobile platforms and walkways for temporary access solutions. These are typically supplied to major construction firms and can be designed and produced for differing load situations. Large spans can be accommodated.

Case Studies

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