Aviation Systems

Working at height has become a very sensitive health and safety issue in recent years. A large percentage of accidents are the result of falls from height. A number of products are available to limit the risk of injury and if used in the proper manner can reduce the risk significantly.


Traditional systems include access towers and steel scaffolding. Less traditional systems include aluminium access systems work platforms and aviation systems.


Aviation systems are systems that are made to fit the profile of aircraft, be it the tail dock, engine cowling or fuselage, typically for aircraft maintenance but also aircraft production. Theses aviation systems are often large and can be mobile or fixed for very large aircraft. These aviation systems tend to replace traditional access towers that are generally too standard for sufficient access to the key areas of the aircraft.


Aviation systems are usually specialist produced platforms in aluminium. The systems are profiled to the shape of aircraft and usually incorporate integral stair systems to allow access to the work areas. Tool racks, airline points and power outlets can have built to aid the operators.

For smaller aircraft such as private jets, Lear, Gulfstream the systems are mobile often with towing points for airside vehicles to move the access systems. For large planes such as passenger jets then the aviation systems tend to be permanent features within the maintenance hangar.


Traditional scaffolding will give access to areas at height but typically this will require a significant amount of floor space taken up with the structure. Aluminium has the advantage of being light therefore it is becoming increasing more popular as a material for access systems.


Aluminium has been used in the manufacture of access towers, work platforms and aviation systems for many years. Traditional access towers have limitations so there has been a growth in the supply of bespoke access platforms. These include temporary suspended work platforms, crash decks and mobile access platforms.

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