Aluminium Towers

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The Project

We are pleased to announce the completion of our new Aluminium towers for street works specifically designed for the telecommunications industry.


Our first two live installations were completed in January following several months of design and internal trials. The system comprises of a modular aluminium tower system specifically design and manufactured by Ally Structures to meet the varying site locations. A Unique (patent in progress) clamping system ensures structural stability and system integrity in the external environments that the system operates.


The Product

Typically the system can be installed within 2 hours. Night installations allows the rigging team to start their works as soon as they arrive on site. This reduces the inconvenience to operators, users and the general public. Winching of the equipment within the structure generates a safe zone allowing for a favourable working at height environment.

The individual winch mechanism, using the Ally Structures unique track and trolley system (copyright), allows for a extremely safe removal and re instatement of the antenna head.


The telecommunications industry is a fast moving entity that allows for innovative solutions to complex situations. The Aluminium Towers help speed up the upgrade program whilst ensuring quick efficient and safe operations.


The system has been designed and calculated specifically with the telecommunications upgrade program in mind. Extensive internal trials have taken place along with discussions with key telecommunication companies. The result has been the development of a very simple but effective system that allows for the safe erection and dismantling of the system. The efficiency and safety of the rigging team has been paramount during the design process.


Feedback from the users has been extremely positive and we shall continue to add improvements to ensure the system is continually improved.

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